wemodifi machine learning

wemodifi uses machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns and anomalies so users can fix weaknesses and maximize strengths. This yields a powerful supervised learning environment because it is "generic," and can adapt to many situations without requiring data scientists to manually interact with data regularly.   

Users can start with a template or pick from over a dozen useful widgets to customize your own dashboard. Measurement tools include: schedule management, time-to-complete metrics, comparisons and electronic logging. We utilize end to end encryption on industry leading platforms such as Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Events chart widget-1.png

Event Graphs

Event graphs visualize statistics behind any activity or data set. Machine learning works in the background to help you grow.

Smart Maps widget-1.png

Smart Maps

View maps populated with events and/or sensor data to get a “smart” view of data from your devices.

Schedules widget new-1.png

Schedule Widget

Schedule widget shows clock-in/clock-out times of a workforce. See jobs or tasks in Gantt chart format.

Accelerometer data widget-1.png

Raw Data

Quickly and easily view raw data: motion, light, sound, magnetic field.  Set thresholds, rules and alerts.

Comparative speed graphs.PNG

Comparative Speed Graphs

Comparative speed graphs show top and average speeds. Set triggers to log events or automate alerts.

Alerts widget-1.png


Be informed when any rule is broken.  Escalate issues automatically to triage your needs.

Every time someone interacts with our software, we learn - via supervised machine learning - how to correlate actions with sensor data. This machine training results in a system capable of knowing with a high degree of certainty what is going on - without human intervention.
— Jim Poss, CEO, wemodifi