Trucking Industry

A major national retailer came to us with a blind spot. They didn't know when they were over or under-staffing their multi-billion dollar cross-docking operation. After a few weeks of data-gathering, they saw high variability in the supply-demand balance. Workers who previously idle time were reallocated to a trailer safety check task. They now improve compliance, reduce liability and can be proactive about safety. 

Safety Inspections

Finding the time and staffing to consistently perform safety inspections can be difficult. But when your employees are armed with the wemodifi app, they can perform safety inspections quickly - with photos, notes and signatures - during downtime, providing you with full safety inspection records, searchable by date, times, location, worker, etc. 


Equipment Repair

A large waste broker had a problem: managing equipment repair contractors nationwide. If documented poorly, they were exposed to liability. They hired wemodifi to create a standardized task list for inspections and repairs. Now they have rich electronic logs of activities performed, with photos, notes, time-stamps, sign-offs and ratings. They can now verify work accomplished in real time and pay for jobs well-done.

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Equipment audits

Knowing where and in what condition your equipment is requires a sophisticated system, and sophisticated equals complicated, right? Wrong. If your employees know how to use a smartphone, you can easily perform effective audits painlessly and on-time. Simply download the wemodifi app; we'll guide you through the process.


Collections & Deliveries

A waste hauler wanted real-time GPS to show route efficiency, but they didn't want to pay a small fortune for a telematics system. They soon realized that Smartphones are much "smarter" than telematics hardware. An added plus to the wemodifi system? Everyone in the company already knew how to use a smartphone app. That's all it took for Bainbridge Disposal to gain important insights into their operation.

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Gig economy

The biggest differentiator for members of the "gig economy" is customer service. Your customers are trusting you to complete a job on-time and without too much effort on their part. Invite them to download the wemodifi app so they can track your progress, view photos of your work, and pay you instantly upon completion. 


wemodifi in 3 easy steps:

1. Install the App on a smartphone & get an account.

2. Set up sensors, rules and custom tasks (or pick a template).

3. Use Drag & Drop widgets to set up your dashboard reports.



Tools provided include:

Easy templates, custom tasking, schedule management, time-to-complete metrics, benchmarking, raw data, alerts and paperless electronic logging. All with end-to-end encryption on industry-leading platforms such as Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS),