Life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.
— Jeff Bezos

Over a billion smartphones are made per year. Another billion unused smartphones sit idle today, mostly destined for landfills (only 8% are recycled). We're too resourceful to let these awesome devices become waste.  This is an opportunity for everyone.  

It all started when...

The seeds for wemodifi were planted in 2003, when Jim Poss invented the BigBelly® and started the “Internet of Trash” industry. BigBelly® is the world’s first solar-powered, web-enabled waste collection system. Rather than having waste collected on a “dumb” schedule, managers and staff use real time alerts, web-based routing, capacity utilization tools and far cheaper, more efficient, smarter collection operations. BigBelly is installed in 50 states and over 40 countries, helping waste collectors reduce trips by up to 80%.

During a decade building BigBelly into the dominant player in the “Internet of Trash” industry, Jim became aware of the growing eWaste problem. Turning waste into a resource, wemodifi “up-cycles” smartphones, providing our users with valuable software services at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Combining the sensing and processing power of the world's smartest devices, wemodifi all sorts of "dumb" and paper-based operations with very cost effective, powerful tools that make work and workers more productive, less risky and just plan smarter.

And by using such a ubiquitous device that everyone knows how to use, we can "train" our machine learning algorithms with structured "supervision."  Every time someone interacts with the software, we learn how to correlate actions with sensor data.  Soon, this machine training will result in a system capable of knowing with a high degree of certainty what is going on - without human intervention.  We aim to use our generic tools to become intelligent about any application.  In essence, we become pro's without labor-intensive data analysis; we do this to help you become more productive and less risky.