wemodifi to learn why.




Make sure you're compliant.

Paperwork!  Make it go away while staying on top of regulations. Easily access data at any time from anywhere - chart by year, employee and function. Save paper, time and bureaucratic headaches.


Know where, when, who, why.

An efficient business operation requires knowing where employees and goods are, what they are doing and how to make them more effective. Customize tracked information to achieve your best outcomes.


Be good to the planet.

Wemodifi reprograms smartphones to become smart sensor systems - watching, thinking and learning for you - all at a fraction of the cost of single-purpose devices and logistics systems. Smart re-purposing.  


how wemodifi

Think of your morning routine. You get up, make coffee, pack lunch, feed the dog, brush your teeth. You do it every morning. But what if just one thing changes? You get a phone call, race out the door, and wonder, "did I feed the dog?" What if your smartphone already knew you did not, in fact, feed the dog? And guess what? It already sent a text to your neighbor, asking her to please bring Fido some food.  


that's what wemodifi does for your operations.

We track routines and let you know when anomalies occur. Even the best employees make routine mistakes every once in a while. Those mistakes hurt your bottom line.  Let us help you make sure the dog gets fed.


what wemodifi


Safety & Liability

Safe practices and proper inspections reduce risk and liability while promoting a healthier workplace. Wemodifi to streamline and standardize your safety regimen.


Efficiency & Productivity

Efficiency is at the heart of successful organizations. From trucking to warehouse operations, Wemodifi helps you better understand every level of your operation. 


Transparency & Payments

The service economy requires a new level of transparency. Let your customers know what stage of a project you're working on to give them peace of mind; get paid faster.